Ami Hinamori

Ami Hinamori (日奈森 亜実, Hinamori Ami) is Amu's little sister.

Physical Appearance

Ami shares the same golden eye color as her sister Amu, but has brunette hair like her father Tsumugu. Unlike Amu, Ami's mother dresses her in "Sweet Lolita" clothing. She is always seen with two curled pigtails tied with ribbons that match her clothes.

When she gets excited, stars occasionally light up in her eyes.


Ami is innocent and pure-hearted so she can see Guardian Characters, despite the fact that she doesn't have one. She is easily excitable and loves to go on adventures, excited to tag along with Amu whenever possible. She also has a knack for playing along with whatever is going on at the moment, like when she laughs along with Tadase Hotori when he accidentally character changes.


Ami's first words were actually "big sister", showing the strong bond they have between each other. Though sometimes a handful, she looks up to her sister very much. In kindergarten, she displays a lot of charisma and seems to inspire admiration in most of her classmates.

She is a fan of Utau Hoshina, and is seen most of the time trying to sing Utau's songs. She also admires Tadase, calling him a prince and comfortably walking home with him and Amu. She has missed sighting Ikuto in Amu's room multiple times by getting distracted.

She is present during Amu and Utau's confrontation, and plays a part in helping Utau remember what motivated her to become a singer in the first place.

Sometimes, when Amu goes out to hang with her friends, Ami plays 'Investigation Game' with Ran, Miki, and Su.


  • Name: Ami Hinamori
  • Birthday: March 21, 2014
  • Blood Type: O
  • Sign: Aries
  • Age: 3-5 years old

Powers and abilities

Despite the fact that she lacks a Guardian Character, she can see them very easily due to her pure heart.

Voice Actress

  • In the anime television series, Ami is voiced by Kurumi Mamiya.



  • Ami always calls the Guardian Characters Shugoi Chara, meaning "Super Characters".
  • She also calls them 'Dollies', despite their protests.
  • Ami's name (a) means 'Second or 'Asia' while (mi) means 'Beautiful'.
  • In the anime and a sidestory of the manga, Ami asked her parents to buy her a dollhouse so she could give it to Amu's Guardian Characters. (This being only to put makeup on the Guardian Characters as they sleep.)

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