Aruto Tsukiyomi (月詠 アルト, Tsukiyomi Aruto) is a character in the anime and manga series of Shugo Chara! who is a prominent Japanese violinist. He was once known as a genius until he suddenly went missing.



Aruto Tsukiyomi

He is also the biological father of Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Utau Hoshina. His marriage with Souko Hoshina was met with strong rejection, because at that time he had no reputation. To allow the marriage, he agreed to the condition to stop pursuing music and to succeed the Easter Company, but the promise was broken when the former chairman, Grandfather of Ikuto and Utau, died.

When he disappeared overnight, Souko, Ikuto and Utau came under severe criticism, making them strong characters. Years later, his favorite violin which he brought with him appeared overseas. However, Aruto's whereabouts are still unknown.

In episode 100, when Amu Hinamori character transformed into Amulet Diamond, Ikuto's memories were shown. One of the memories was of Ikuto playing his father's violin. An old lady came up to Tsukasa and showed him a picture of Aruto, explaining in sign language that she had owned an old shop where he played, til the shop closed due to the marriage of their daughter with one of their customers.

At the end of the last chapter of Shugo Chara! Encore!, Aruto sneaks up from behind Souko and signals her to be quiet with a smile. The dramatic irony of this is that, Ikuto thinks he still hasn't found his father during the wedding.

Alto (Aruto) and Souko at the wedding


  • Aruto's name is a romanized version of the word "Alto", which is a musical term.
  • One of Ikuto's character transformations, Seven Seas Treasure, is named from these three facts:
  1. Seven: Amu, Ran, Miki, Suu, Dia, Yoru and Aruto.
  2. Seas: Aruto, Ikuto's father, was believed to be lost overseas.
  3. Treasure: Amu is the treasure Ikuto has been looking for.
  • Ikuto looks like his father
  • Aruto is a hot dad