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A Character Transformation (キャラなり, lit. chara nari) is a special ability in the manga and anime series Shugo Chara!.

It allows the Guardian Character to merge with their master and be granted special abilities.


A character transformation simply sees someone combining powers with his or her Guardian character. The character goes into his or her egg, which then goes into the owner's heart. This ability surpasses the power of a Character Change by 120% of its normal power. This ability is rare, so there aren't many who can transform. The Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key allow their owners to transform at will, though, as well as others who are near. During a transformation, the owner can use various magical abilities powered by the character. The character is still active, for he or she can still communicate and can force the owner to do some actions unwillingly. It is possible for the owner to switch transformations if he or she owns more than one character. It is possible to transform with other people's Guardian characters, (most likely with the power of the Humpty Lock or the Dumpty Key); however the power is not at its best and the transformation will last shorter and consume one's energy faster.

Notable transformations

Amu Hinamori

With the Humpty Lock's power, Character Transformations are a staple for Amu in her quest to purify X-Eggs and X-Characters. She first learns to transform with Ran and become the athletic "Amulet Heart"; later with Miki to become the level-headed artist, "Amulet Spade"; later, she also learns to transform with Su and become the domestic "Amulet Clover" who can repair any damaged object.

After losing and regaining her fourth Guardian Character, Dia, Amu learns to Character Transform into the ever-glittering idol, "Amulet Diamond." (Officially known as Amulet Dia.)

Aside from her own Guardian Characters, Amu has also performed the transformation with Il and El into "Amulet Devil" and "Amulet Angel", respectively, when they both opposed their shared master, Utau. Amu, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia combined powers at one point to transform into "Amulet Fortune", but this was only a temporary transformation activated by the powers of the Dumpty Key and the Humpty Lock.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi

The Dumpty Key allows Ikuto to Character Transform with Yoru into "Black Lynx". The influence of a black egg turned him into "Death Rebel" for a short period of time, and when transforming with both, he becomes "Seven Seas Treasure", but this was a temporary transformation activated by both the Dumpty Key and the Humpty Lock.

Utau Hoshina

Utau can transform with Il into "Lunatic Charm", and with El into "Seraphic Charm". At one point, she could transform with X-Dia into "Dark Jewel" before the latter returned to her true master, Amu.

Kukai Soma

The guardian's character transform doki.jpg

Kukai can transform with Daichi into "Sky Jack" after gaining a power boost from the Humpty Lock.

Rima Mashiro

Rima can transform with Kusukusu into "Clown Drop". Unlike most Guardian members, Rima learned to Character Transform on her own.

Tadase Hotori

After a power boost from the Humpty Lock and emotional encouragement from Amu, Tadase can transform with Kiseki into "Platinum Royal".

Kairi Sanjou

Kairi can transform with Musashi into "Samurai Soul".

Yaya Yuiki

Yaya can transform with Pepe into "Dear Baby".

Nagihiko Fujisaki

Character Transformation Yamamoto Maihime

Nagihiko can transform with Rhythm into the athletic "Beat Jumper". As Nadeshiko, she can Character Transform with Temari into "Yamato Maihime".

Rikka Hiiragi

Rikka can transform with Hotaru into "Pure Feeling" through shere commitment and dedication to protecting her friends.

Mystery Eggs

In the second season of the anime, the new Easter worker Lulu De Morcerf uses a ruby necklace to help ordinary people character transform by turning their Heart's Eggs into Mystery Eggs. Should that person become provoked, he or she will character transform into a powerful character.

Mystery Egg Victims

  1. Manami - becoming Flower Dream in Episode 54.
  2. Hitomi Ninagawa - becoming Singer Dream in Episode 55.
  3. Mamoru Mizuno - becoming Space Dream in Episode 56.
  4. Yugaku Iwagaki - becoming Fancy Dream in Episode 57.
  5. Koyomi Hirano - becoming Fortune Dream in Episode 60.
  6. Santa Claus - becoming Santa Dream in Episode 63.
  7. You Ebihara - becoming Happy Dream 1 in Episode 64.
  8. Kiko Ebihara - becoming Happy Dream 2 in Episode 64.
  9. Chiyoko Nakayama - becoming Pretty Transforming Heroine Magical Choco-tan Dream in Episode 66.
  10. Nayuta Kusanagi - becoming UFO Dream in Episode 67.
  11. Saaya Yamabuki - becoming Hinamori Dream in Episode 68.
  12. Fuyuki Kirishima - becoming First Love Dream in Episode 69.
  13. Yukina Kogure - becoming Chocolate Dream in Episode 70.
  14. Young Girl - becoming Temple Festival Dream in Episode 72.
  15. Mimori Morino - becoming Delicious Dream in Episode 73.
  16. Haruki Maruyama - becoming Gourmet Dream in Episode 75.
  17. Nami - becoming Twin Dream in Episode 78.
  18. Nemi - becoming Twin Dream in Episode 78.
  19. Natsuko Nishino - becoming Pitching Dream in Episode 82.
  20. Young Girl 2 - becoming Dancing Dream in Episode 83.
  21. Wakana - becoming Teacher Dream in Episode 84.
  22. Yua Sakurai - becoming Bad Singer Dream in Episode 86.
  23. Lulu De Morcerf - becoming Dream Dream in Episode 89.


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