Colorful Canvas Special

Colorful Canvas Special

Colorful Canvas Special (カラフルキャンバス・スペシャル karafuru kyanbasu supesharu) is an anime only upgraded attack performed by Amu Hinamori as Amulet Spade, which original counterpart is Colorful Canvas. It was only used once in an episode of the first season of the anime. Little is known about its effects except the fact that it can be used to trap X-Eggs, with or without the aid of Platinum Royale's attack White Decoration.

To use this attack, Amulet Spade summons a giant symbol of spades on the floor and then use the attack at the same way of the original Colorful Canvas.

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  • This attack is only performed in the anime of Shugo Chara!.
  • Despite Amu's attacks are very different according to her transformations, this attack is very similar to Spiral Heart Special.