SCE Daichi

Daichi (ダイチ, Daichi) is Kukai's Guardian Character. He was born when Kukai wanted to do many sports but had to choose.

His athletic qualities can practically equal to Amu Hinamori's Guardian Character, Ran and Nagihiko Fujisaki's Guardian Character, Rhythm, so the three of them may become competitive at times. Daichi also acts mature once in a while.


Daichi has the appearance of a soccer player. He wears a white sweatband around his head with a yellow star on it, yellow and white sneakers, white shorts, and a yellow t-shirt. He has mint-green hair and light brown eyes.


Like his owner, Daichi is very enthusiastic about sports. He is an energetic, cheerful character and cannot seem to sit still.

The Shugo Chara! Encyclopedia! describes Daichi as a person who is "cheerful and never loses heart", but is "really bad at staying still".

He tends to get along very quickly with new Guardian Characters, especially Rhythm who shares many of his traits.

Voice Actor

  • In the anime television series, Daichi is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino.



  • His closest friend is Rhythm due to their similarities.

Special Powers

Like other Guardian Characters, Daichi is able to sense the presence of X-Eggs and other Guardian Characters.

Character Change

Character Change with Daichi

Kukai's Character Change with Daichi.

When Daichi Character Changes with Kukai, Kukai gains a star clip in his hair, along with this come improved athletic skills and a star-patterned skateboard.

Character Transformation

Sky Jack

Character Transformation - Sky Jack

Sky Jack

In Episode 29, the Humpty Lock shines upon Kukai and Daichi, allowing them to Character Transform, becoming the athletic pilot, "Sky Jack".

After that, they are able to Character Transform at will and aid the Guardians in times of need.

Outfit: Kukai wears a green outfit similar to a pilot's uniform, including goggles with a star on them, a pair of black boots and black gloves. He also gains a snowboard with rockets and balance wings that allow him to fly freely in the air.

Abilities: His special attack is "Golden Victory Shoot". He uses it by creating a ball of fierce energy and then kicks it to his target. When it hits something, it explodes.


Daichi translates to 'great earth'.


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