Easter Company

Easter Company

The Easter Company is a powerful composite enterprise of banking, food, entertainment, etc., who are actually attempting to find the legendary Embryo through its resources. The Director, Kazuomi Hoshina, tries to get the Embryo to Gozen, and for that purpose uses Ikuto and Utau Tsukiyomi , but Utau leaves Easter after the battle with the Guardians in Chapter 42, with Ikuto leaving later on, hiding in Amu's room. Ikuto is brought back to Easter and falls under their control due to a tuning fork, which lets him Character Transform into Death Rebel to get X-Eggs for Easter's plans. Eventually, they are able to draw out the Embryo and hand it over to the head of Easter, who turns out to be a little boy named Hikaru Ichinomiya; wanting to collect it to fill the emptiness in his heart. The Guardians are their enemies until they overcome their issues together.


Former Members

  • Yoru - Ikuto's Guardian Character
  • Iru - Utau's Guardian Character
  • Eru - Utau's Guardian Character
  • X-Dia - Amu's Guardian Character
  • Nana - Lulu's Guardian Character (Anime only)

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