Character Transformation - Amulet Angel


Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 29
English Title: Character Transformation!? Amulet Angel!
Romanji Title: Kyara Nari!? Amyuretto Enjeru!
Kanji Title: キャラなり!? アミュレットエンジェル!
Airdate: April 26, 2008
Directed by: Miho Hirao
Written by: Tomoko Koyama
Preceeded by: Episode 028: Joker Disqualification? New Guardians Appear!
Followed by: Episode 030: Class Star VS Class Moon! Cheerleader Great Activity!


Amu is at her house thinking over what she had just found out from El: Utau was using impromptu concerts to steal people's heart's eggs. Ran tells Amu that they had to do something about that and Miki and Su agree; El looking hopeful. Amu's expression doesn't change for a bit before she gets a determined look on her face and says it was impossible and hides under her covers. Her Guardian Characters are shocked and Ran reminds her that even Tadase cheered her on. Amu agrees, but says that when an X-Egg suddenly appeared she couldn't do anything about it. She says that with Rima around she was no longer and lets her sentence trail before saying that even her own egg had gotten an "X" on it.

Then she hides back under her covers and says she probabaly shouldn't be a Guardian anymore. Her Guardian Characters are shocked again, but this time El joins in, but she was angry and snatches the covers off of Amu. Amu tells El she scared her, but El tells her to shut up, further scaring Amu. Then El tells her that this was the part where Amu was supposed to go "Okay! Leave it to me!" or anything along these lines. Miki looks a little surprised at El's character as El tells Amu she should start acting like the heroine she was supposed to be. Amu says it was still impossible and that she was going to eat food until she was fat and asks "How's that for a Character Change?" Ran, Miki, and Su try to stop her before El yells that she was trying to save Utau. She says she was bowing her head and begging Utau's enemies for help, so Amu asks her that if they were enemies, why hadn't she gone back to Utau, but El said she wasn't going back until Utau came for her. She also says that she had no choice but to live there for the time being and goes to her egg, telling Amu she was calling it a day before getting inside her egg and falling asleep instantly. Amu looks away from El thinking about why Utau could possibly be doing what she was.

Elsewhere, a concert headlining Utau has just ended. People are talking about it excitedly, but on a bench a girl is asking her friend if she was okay. The girl said she was, but she has the same blank stare that someone who had their heart's egg taken out and turned into an X-Egg would have. Right behind the bench, leaning against a tree is Ikuto. Yukari, Utau, and Il are in a black van leaving the area; Yukari congratulating Utua on her performance, saying it was a great success while Il says they got plenty of X-Eggs. Utau asks Yukari what happened to their other goal of getting the Embryo and Yukari tells her that for them to accomplish that goal they needed to collect a bunch of X-Eggs first. Utau looks out of the van's window and gasps as Ikuto was walking in the opposite direction the car was going. Ikuto doesn't seem to see her, but she does see the Dumpty Key hanging on his violin's case.

At Seiyo Academy in the Royal Garden, the Guardians are exclaiming over the fact that Rima could also Character Transform. Yaya asks Rima why she hadn't told them and Rima simply tells her it was because they hadn't asked, Kusukusu laughing at Rima's answer. Yaya then says that she was going to ask Rima a lot of things and asks who her favorite entertainer was, but Rima says she wasn't going to tell her, Kusukusu once again laughing. Tadase says that he and Yaya could only Character Change and Kairi adds that that was true for him, too. Tadase comments that she was the second Guardian to do so, right after Amu. Behind the top of a tree in the Royal Garden, El, Ran, Miki, and Su are hiding, El saying that this was where Utau's arch enemies hung out.

Suddenly, Ran cries out in astonishment as do Miki and Su. Kairi, Rima, Tadase, and Yaya also look surprised and before Amu could turn around to see what they were looking at, a hand lands on her head and the person says that their snacking choices were complete opposites. Yaya and Tadase get out of their seats to greet Kukai, Yaya asking if he had been kicked out of middle school. He calls her silly and asks if she remembered that the middle school's campus was right next door and says that he was passing by and decided to drop in. Yaya tells him to play with her and he laughs, Tadase looking on in amusement while Rima asks Kairi who that was, Kairi responding that he was the former Jack's Chair. He goes over to them, throws his arms around their shoulders, and ruffles their hair, seeing that they were the new Jack and Queen's Chair. Rima complains that he was messing up her hair while Kairi says "Salutations." Amu looks at Kukai sadly before looking down.

The Guardian Characters greet Daichi, while El notices that another enemy had arrived. Kukai goes back to Amu and asks if she was working hard and when she looks up at him, tears collect in her eyes and she sadly says his name, making him wonder what was wrong. Yaya and Tadase ask her if something was wrong, but she tells them nothing, wiping away the tears. Kukai's still looking at Amu when Kairi tells them it was time for patrol, saying that Amu and Rima were paired up again. Rima says she would be fine on her own, upsetting Amu, so Kukai throws an arm around Amu's shoulder and says he would go with her, making her blush, but Kairi tells him that would ruin his whole schedule. Kukai turns to walk off with Amu and tells Kairi not to be a stiff. Then to Amu he tells her it had been awhile since that had done what they always done, and he grabs her by the hand before he shouts running dash. Their Guardian Characters chase after their owners with El far behind them telling them to wait for her.

Kukai has her running all over the place until he lets her stop in the park. As she catches her breath, he asks her what was the matter, wondering if she felt better after getting out and moving around. She questions him and he tells her he figured out she had something on her mind and asks if she wasn't getting along with the new Guardians, if she lost her confidence, and if she wanted to quit being a Guardian, Amu flinching each time he hit the mark. She asks him how he knew, her Guardian Characters very intrigued he figured it out and he tells her he saw it just by looking at her, saying not to underestimate the former Jack's Chair. Then he tells her that whatever it was she could talk to him about it, making tears well up in her eyes again. He freaks out and tells her he would buy her some ice cream if she stopped crying.

El, Daichi, Ran, Miki, and Su are on the bench Amu and Kukai are with Daichi holding the double scoop ice cream Kukai had bought while the other Guardian Characters were eating some off. Amu finally tells her why she had lost confidence in being a Guardian and he thinks over it. Amu says she didn't know what being herself meant which makes Kukai touch her cheek with his cold ice cream and call her a dummy. She yells, but he pays her no attention and says that he didn't know what being his true self meant either. She's shocked and he says he didn't know if he wanted to join the soccer team or the basketball team. She tells him that since he was captain of the soccer team she thought he would join that, and he says that he did love soccer, but he wanted to challege himself to do different kinds of things. He then says that he didn't know his true self, but says it was more exciting that way. She asks "Even when you don't know yourself?" to his response of a "Sure." He goes on asking that even if he didn't know himself that meant he could be whoever he wanted to be.

Standing up, he tells Amu that that was the feeling he had when Daichi was born. Daichi smiles from where he was still on the bench and a flashback shows a younger Kukai walk by kicking a soccer ball and passing a shop store with a skateboard and skates. Present Kukai tells Amu the questions that were on his mind at the time: "What can I do?" and "How far can I go?" and says those feelings gave birth to Daichi. Daichi flies up to Kukai and smiles at him, Kukai doing the same. Amu looks at them and asks if it was okay to hesitate and to not really understand herself. He looks back at her and, with a thumbs up from him and Daichi, he tells her "sure thing".

Amu smiles as do her Guardian Characters before a pinkish butterfly comes up to them. El seems to know what it was as she gasps when she notices it. The butterfly comes up to Amu and bursts, sending a huge and powerful gust of wind at them. It was powerful enough to blow their ice cream and Guardian Characters away; Kukai running after them shouting "My ice cream!" When it ends someone tells Amu that they found her and looking up, she sees Utau. Amu stands and El flies up, a huge smile on her face. Kukai is standing behind Amu asking what was going on. El asks if Utau had come for her, but Utau only says she was wondering where she had gone and asks if she had become Amu's Guardian Character. Il calls her the enemy, but Amu tries to tell them what had actually happened, yet Utau won't listen. Utau tells Amu that she had a new Guardian Egg and holds up the Diamond X-Egg belonging to Amu.

Amu yells that it was her egg, making Kukai looked confused again. Utau tells her she was mistaken and pushes the egg in front of her only to have it come back, saying that it was staying by her side. Amu calls out to her egg, causing Utau to laugh and say that Dia didn't accept Amu as her owner, saying that was why Dia left and came to her. A bunch of X-Eggs begin to surround Utau as Amu notices that Utau was different than she was before. Utau tries to goad Amu into fighting, but Amu only wants her egg back. Utau tells Amu that she was just going to have to beat her before Kukai says that once again he had no idea what was going on and asks Daichi if it was possible to trade Guardain Characters. Daichi says that he didn't know, but does tell Kukai that Guardian Characters change according to the state of their owner's heart, saying that was why some ended up broken or get turned into X-Eggs. But he gets thoughtful and says that it might be possible if they wanted a new owner.

Utau tells Amu that if she wanted her egg back, she had to win their fight and says she didn't need El, making her cry. Then she says that in exchange she wanted the Humpty Lock, making Amu ask why she wanted to Utau's reply of that it was the Lock that matched Ikuto's Key. She then says that it suited her better and sends the X-Eggs flying toward Amu who wasn't expecting it. Kukai quickly jumps in front of her and blocks them all with his skateboard, having Character Changed, and grabs Amu before flying around so that they faced Utau again. He tells her she shouldn't just stand there for she would lose, and before Amu could say something to him, Utau tells her that she liked to compete, saying that victory and defeat were what made people improve and shine. She says that she didn't need El because she was weak and only needed Il and Dia. Amu asks that even though El was born from her heart if she was just going to abandon her, but Utau decides to Character Transform with Il, becoming Lunatic Charm and uses her attack Nightmare Lorelei.

Utau tells Amu to fight if she wanted Dia back, but Amu tells her she didn't want to fight just before she gets knocked off of her feet, falling to the ground and sliding a bit back. Utau smiles and calls her foolish, telling her that even though adults told them not to compete and it wasn't about winning or losing they were still competing for everything, like job ratings. She says that being kind and nice will only get you beaten and Kukai agrees, much to Amu's shock. He says that sports were exciting because they were rankings and you were able to improve your technique. Utau tells him he got the point and Amu asks what was up with him teaming up with Utau. Kukai tells Amu to leave the X-Eggs to him and Daichi and says that she and Utau could knock themselves out before he skates away. He comes back and calls to Amu, saying that if she lost she would have to run twenty laps around the campus, freaking her out.

Utau laughs and tells Amu that they should get started. Amu thinks that if she fought Utau she would have to win to get the diamond egg and to keep the Humpty Lock. She says aloud that she didn't want to fight with Utau and when asked why, she says it was because she liked Utau. She says that even though Utau was harsh, it was cool how straightforward she was, and that she was good at singing. Amu also says that Utau was like her that they both weren't very social. A light blush comes over Utau's cheeks and Amu goes on, putting her hand under El and telling Utau that there was a weak, yet kinder her deep down. The Humpty Lock begins the glow and a brilliant and blinding light begins shine.

Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Angel with El and Kukai with Daichi into Sky Jack. He freaks out wondering why he had transformed too, asking if his heart had been unlocked also, but Daichi tells him to calm down. Amu is looking at the Humpty Lock asking what was going on while Utau says that just looking at the light sent strange powers through her. Suddenly Dia hatches and looks at Utau, causing them to Character Transform into Dark Jewel. Il is shown flipping through the air, saying she had been given the boot. Ran, Miki, and Su talk about what just happened with all of the transforming.

El is happy, saying that she had just done her first Character Transformation, though she didn't know why it had been with Amu. Amu thinks it may have been the power of the Humpty Lock and looks down at it. Kukai is flying through the air seeing how it felt to transform and says that it was incredible and that he was bursting with power. Utau says she could feel Dark Jewel's power and, with a smile, uses Shining Black. Utau tells Amu to fight back, so Amu asks El if they had some sort of skill they could use and El says yes and uses White Flag. Utau is looking at Amu who is on her knees waving the flag around. Su wonders if they had just lost because of the unconditional surrender and Amu gets angry with El who says she couldn't fight against Utau. Utau walks up to Amu and says she was going to finish her, but falters as both her and Amu's Character Transformations come undone. Utau falls to her knees with the diamond egg next to her as Kukai goes over to Amu and lets go of his transformation, asking if she was okay.

Amu wonders why she felt so weak and someone says that she ran out of batteries. Looking over to where the voice had come from, she sees Ikuto in a tree. He hops down from it as both girls get up from their knees and congratulates them on their duel. Utau asks if he had been watching the whole time, but he says he had just been passing by. He holds up his hand and offers a bag to Amu and Kukai, saying it was compensation as Utau had made them drop theirs. It's full of ice cream as the Guardian Characters note and Amu asks him if it was to make up for the ice cream that they had dropped, Yoru telling her she was correct. Ikuto then apologizes to Amu's shock and Utau's annoyance. She asks him why he was apologizing only to have him say she should apologize, too. She tells him no and turns, but he keeps trying to get her to say it. She tells him she hadn't done anything wrong and asks why he was on Amu's side. She calls him an idiot and pushes him down on the ground where she proceeds to hit him repeatedly. Amu and Kukai watch this exchange with surprised looks on their faces as Amu and Miki observe that Utau had just snapped.

Utau asks Ikuto why it was Amu and that he knew how she felt, but apparently he didn't as he asks her, only to be met with her kissing his lips. Amu and Kukai are now shocked at this as Ikuto pushes Utau away, but she comes back and kisses him again. He pushes her back again and tells her to stop, but when she tries to tell him something, he reminds them that they were siblings. Amu and Kukai freak out again and Utau tells them that her actual name was Utau Tsukiyomi; Ikuto's little sister by blood. Then she says that her feelings for him were stronger than anyone else's and asks why it was always Amu. She says that Ikuto had never been so concerned for any girl like he was for Amu with tears in her eyes. Amu looks over at Ikuto before she senses Utau behind her.

She says that she had always gotten rid of anyone who had come near Ikuto and Amu tries to tell her that there was nothing going on between her and Ikuto. Ikuto grabs her arm and pulls her to him, wondering why she had forgotten about their date at the amusement park at night. Amu tells him to wait, but Utau had already heard and tells Amu that she would never lose to her. As Amu stands there scared, Ikuto walks by and tells Yoru that they should leave, Yoru agreeing with him. Utau tells him to wait for her and runs off, leaving Amu and Kukai with their Guardian Characters and El again. She slumps and Kukai, with an ice cream bar, comments that she was having a rough time.

At her house in her room, Amu says she was exhausted because of everything that had happened. Ran, Miki, and Su are looking at El who tells them that Character Transformations with someone other than your own owner uses a lot of energy. Miki tells Amu that it was a shock to find that Ikuto and Utau were siblings, and she agreed, thinking over what had happened with Diamond. Miki asks if Dia was their enemy when Amu says that she hadn't come back and Su wonders if she would ever come back. Amu doesn't answer, but looks down at the Humpty Lock, thinking if she would ever get Dia back.

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