Series: Shugo Chara!
Episode Number: 35
English Title: The Wedding Cake of the First Love!
Romanji Title: Hatsukoi no Wedingu Kēki!
Kanji Title: 初恋のウェディング・ケーキ!
Airdate: June 07, 2008
Directed by: Yasuhiro Matsumura
Written by: Mitsuru Shimada
Preceeded by: Episode 034: Really!? Big Adventure of the Haunted Mansion!
Followed by: Episode 036: Golden Prince! *Part I*


Amu exits the bathroom with a bottle of milk when her mother tells her they received some big news. Her father says the letter that Shuu sent them says that he was getting married while Ami bangs on an instrument. Her parents are flipping through a photo album telling Amu that Shuu used to play with her all the time when she was younger and that they couldn't believe that he was getting married. Ran asks Amu who Shuu is so Amu tells her that he is her cousin. Amu looks at a picture in the photo album of her and Shuu; she was looking away from the camera with a blush while Shuu looking in the correct direction holding up a peace sign with a smile on his face. She repeats what she had just learned: Shuu is getting married.

Amu and her family arrive at the hotel that they were to stay at for that day. The next day was the wedding day. As Ami says "wedding" over and over again, Amu looks at her before turning away with a smile and a slight blush. When they enter the hotel, Ami and her mother and father are singing "Here Comes the Bride" without the lyrics. Amu doesn't follow them, but does tell them that they were embarrassing her. Ran, Miki, Su, and El start talking about love and the wedding, so Amu jogs to catch up with her mother to ask if Shuu still worked at the hotel. Her mother replies with a yes and wonders where he could be which makes Amu ask if she could go find him.

She is granted the permission, apparently, because she is looking down a hallway. Miki notices that Amu seemed kind of nervous, making Amu blush. Amu tells her it was because she hadn't seen Shuu in a long time and with a look of peace, she thinks back on some memories of the two of them. Shuu baked some pastries and asks Amu if they looked good, but she blushes and turns from him saying they looked somewhat good; her spicy image showing through even at this young age. He tells her she can try one, and when she does, she gives a big smile which makes Shuu excited at being able to make her happy and says he was definitely going to become a patissier. The young Amu wonders what a "pati-sser" is and Shuu tells her it is someone who makes cakes. He says that anyone who eats cake can make a happy face; just one bite would make happiness overflow inside of you and he compares that to when you fall in love.

Present day Amu is still smiling at that memory when Su says that Shuu may have been her first love, but she denies it very quickly with a stutter. Miki smiles slyly and asks them what else could they expect from the girl who had many loves. Someone yells the name "Hinamori" which freaks Amu out as she thinks they were calling to her. Instead, it was someone in the kitchen asking the Hinamori what they thought they were doing. It turns out to be Shuu and his boss: his boss was yelling at him to stop slacking off just because it was the day before Shuu's wedding. His boss tells Shuu that he has a lot of responsibilities, so Shuu apologizes and tells him he found some wild blueberries and, taking one from the basket full of them he was holding, he eats it and says "yum." Shuu also says he was going to use those berries to make a perfect wedding cake as they tasted like "a fresh, juicy drop of sunlight." His boss smiles and tells Shuu that before he could do that, he had to clean the kitchen and after that, peel the one hundred apples they had. Shuu understands and the man begins to leave, but as he opens the door, he pauses and tells Shuu he was anticipating when he would be able to see his cake. Shuu places his basket of berries on a table and says he was going to clean up the kitchen when a voice from the door asks if they could help.

Shuu turns to the door wondering who could have said that and sees Amu standing there with a broom in one of her hands. Shuu runs over to her with a smile and begins to shake her shoulders back and forth, saying she had grown so much. Then he pulled her into a hug and raises her into the air and says it wasn't long ago that she was just a baby out of diapers. He sets her back on her feet and tells he again she had grown so much and Amu tells him he had grown, too, having made his dream come true. Shuu tells her he was still an apprentice, doing the cleaning, the dishes, and prep work. Amu tells him he was working hard and Shuu agrees and says he was going to work hard for tomorrow. He then tells her that his first wedding cake would be for his own wedding and that he hoped that one bite from everyone would make them overflow with hapiness.

Miki sees that he hadn't changed from what Amu told them of him and Su flies over to Shuu's side and comments that he loves to make cake. Shuu turns and looks left and right, thinking that he heard someone talking. Amu asks him what he was talking about, but her Guardian Characters take in that he could hear them, but couldn't see them, which led them to believe he still had his heart's egg. Amu smiles at that while Shuu tells her that it was weird he could hear some voices. Amu ignores that and asks what his bride was like, having heard that she was rich. Shuu grabs the broom Amu had been holding and a dreamy look comes over his face as he says his fiancee was like an angel. And he adds that she was totally into him. Amu asks if everything was okay and quotes what Madame Nobuko Saeki once said: "Every woman feels uncertain before she marries; uncertain about whether this person is really the one!" Shuu laughs at that and was about to say something, but instead drops the broom which falls at Amu and becomes as white as a sheet. Amu catches the brrom before it could hit her and asks him what was wrong. He tells her he was supposed to go pick his fiancee up but had forgotten.

A limousine appears in front of the hotel with some people inside crowding around the window to catch a glimpse of the person inside. The chauffeur opens a door of the limo and a young woman steps out and enters with two ladies holding her luggage following her. The young woman tells them that she could carry her luggage herself, but one of the women tells her that she mustn't. The young woman gets annoyed and some hotel workers in the background notice how beautiful she is. They say what they heard the young woman, some things being that she was the daughter of the super famous Otomo Cartel and had modeled in fashion magazines.

Amu runs to the lobby and sees the woman and is surprised when Shuu runs up to her and begins speaking. Eriko, as he had called her, tells him she had been waiting for him, so he apologizes and then tells her he had found some perfect ingredients to use for their wedding cake. Her face falls and she tells him that they had something more important to discuss. Shuu looks curious and she tells him she had been wavering for some time, not knowing how to tell him what was on her mind. He asks her if she was wondering if he was cheating on her and, with a sly look, he tells her not to worry and that he only did it three times. Eriko gets very angry at the news so Shuu tells her it was only twice and she slaps him, shocking Amu and her Guardian Characters and El. Eriko tells him to forget what she had just been saying, sticks her tongue out at him and walks off. The women who were carrying her bags follow her and ask if the preparations for tomorrow were ready, but she tells them she didn't care about that. Shuu is lying on the floor with tears coming out of his eyes and a red handprint on his face, saying that it was only a joke.

Amu is still shocked at what had just happened, her mouth hanging open as Eriko and her servants file pass. She hears a servant ask if she was going to cancel the wedding and once again Eriko says she didn't care about that. From what Amu had just seen, she wonders what Shuu was talking about when he had called Eriko an angel. Outside on a bench, Amu is holding a cloth to the spot where Shuu had been slapped while he was texting Eriko trying to apologize. Amu asks why he just doesn't call her, but he tells Amu Eriko must've turned her phone off, saying she must have been really angry.

Someone calls to Amu and she sees her parents and Ami running toward her. They tell her they heard the famous daughter of the Otomo Cartel was staying at the hotel. Her mother says that they heard Eriko may also break off her engagement which makes Shuu drop his cell phone in shock. Then her father says that her fiancee was a pathetic patissier novice and she might be fed up with him now. Shuu looks even more upset on the bench beside Amu, so she tries to tell them that none of it was true. They don't really listen, saying Eriko's fiancee was just an apprentice and that her would be much better not getting married but continuing her traveling of the world and modeling. Amu tries again to tell them it wasn't true and three imaginary arrows strike Shuu in the head; they were labeled "pathetic", "novice", and "fed up." Midori and Tsumugu finally notice Shuu and congratulate him on his upcoming wedding, asking where the bride-to-be was. Shuu only stands and looks at them with a very pathetic and sad face which makes Amu's parents ask her if they had said something wrong. She tells them they did and they bow their heads, ashamed of themselves.

In her room, Eriko's thinking of what Shuu had said to her and she calls him a jerk. A knock comes from her door and her father enters, wishing to have a word with her. Meanwhile, Amu and the four Guardian Characters are sneaking around in the bushes wondering if the engagement had been broken off. El says it would be a catastrophe if they did and Miki points off to they side at something. It was Eriko with her father and a woman who may have been her mother. Her father is asking if she had talked to Shuu about how her feelings had changed since they had gotten engaged, and she tells him it was true. Amu is shocked to find that she may have just changed her mind. Her father tells her he would respect her choices and that she was to make her own decisions as it was her life. Eriko tells him she already decided and that Shuu will be surprised, but she just couldn't ignore her true feelings any longer. Amu tries to figure out what to do.

In the hotel's kitchen, Shuu, while stirring some batter, is looking at the piece that was supposed to go on top of the finished cake: it was a tiny man and woman with flowers going over the top of their heads. He sighs and remembers that she wanted to tell him something about her wavering and something she wasn't able to tell him. He wonders what she was going to say and then recalls what his aunt said about her not getting married as she would be much better off. He's trying to see if that was true.

Eriko is walking out on the grounds saying that her decision was how she wanted it and that she didn't have any regrets. Amu and her Guardian Characters and El are looking at her from behind a tree. Ran says it was becoming terrible and El says that if she didn't do anything about it, she didn't deserve to be called the Angel of Love. Amu says there wasn't anything they could do to help and El calls her stupid, saying they had to do something. Amu agrees with a scared look upon her face from the tone El used at her.

Eriko is looking at a fountain with a sad expression when a light shines on her face. Turning to see where it came from, she sees Amu who introduces herself as the Angel of Love: Amulet Angel. Amulet Angel tells Eriko she'll mend her love. Amu asks El if she could really do that and El replies telling Amu to activate her Love Repair Beam. Amu asks her what that was, but El tells her to just do it. Amu complies and turns to face Eriko and, making a heart with her fingers and placing it in front of the Humpty Lock, she says "Love Repair Beam." A pink glow forms in the heart Amu made, but then it pops, startling Eriko and getting Amu to yell at El, asking her what had happened.

Suddenly, the box Amu was standing breaks and she falls down. Eriko rushes to her and sees Amu, but she wasn't wearing the dress as she previously was. Eriko asks if Amu was okay and she says she was, so Eriko asks if she was the Amu she heard about from Shuu. She tells Amu that Shuu told her that Amu was cute and stubborn; Amu getting slightly angry over the "stubborn" part. Amu then asks her if she wasn't going to get married anymore, saying that Shuu was a lot more maly than he looked. Eriko smiles and sees that Amu was worrried about the two of them.

Shuu was sitting down in the kitchen with his head down, having abandoned mixing the batter. He says that he and Eriko were incompatible, like he knew they were. He remembers that everytime he was with Eriko, people would say that she would regret marrying him and that it didn't seem like they would last long. His heart's egg then gets glazed over with a thin gray coating.

Elsewhere, Eriko and Amu are looking at the fountain, Eriko wanting to tell Amu how she and Shuu first met. She says she was studying abroad in Paris and was a little depressed as her studies weren't progressing as she had hoped. She had lost sight of her dream and her passion for piano and ballet had begun to cease. She said that was when she wanted to give up on her dreams, but she noticed someone walking by. In the memory, she laughs when he nearly fell and presently, she tells Amu that he was a student doing work in a candy store. She couldn't believed he worked so hard there and found herself happy to see him pass by each day.

Then one day he appeared at her door with a covered basket. He apologized to her, saying he made a mistake, that his actual destination was next door. She stops him and says that whatever was under the cover smelled good and asked if they were freshly baked chestnut muffins. He smiles and wonders if she'll try one for him. Inside her room, there's a muffin on a plate in front of her. She tries it and after she's done chewing, he thinks she thinks it's awful since her expression didn't change. She tells him that it had a happy taste to it, saying it reminded her of falling in love. He smiles, relieved. To Amu, Eriko says that Shuu never failed to cheer her up. She comments on how when many people become adults, their dreams vanish, but somehow Shuu was different. Eriko tells Amu that she wasn't uncertain about the wedding, making Amu and the Characters feel relieved. Then the Ran, Miki, and Su go to Amu saying they sensed an X-Egg. Eriko asks if something was wrong, but Amu only excuses herself and goes to the kitchen to find Shuu on the ground and an X-Egg.

The X-Egg hatches and produces an X-Character. Amu tries to figure out why there was an X-Character there and thinks it acme from Shuu. The Character uses an something called Black Cream to attack. Amu and her Guardian Characters dodge the hit, but the cake wasn't so lucky. Su goes to Amu requesting that Amu Character Transform with her. Amu unlocks her heart and becomes Amulet Clover. The X-Character uses Black Cream again, but Amu blocks it with her cooking pan. Then a image of Shuu appears next to the Character, saying that Eriko was too good for him. Amu tells him it was a misunderstanding, saying that because of his charging forward and trying to achieve his goal was what won Eriko over. Blushing, Amu tells him that he was her first love, making Miki realize they were right and Ran tells her she was never honest with herself. Amu goes back to Shuu saying it was bad to turn your heart's egg into an X-Egg. She changes her cooking pan into a whisk and performs Remake Honey, breaking the X from the X-Character's head and purifying it. The miniature patissier thanks Amu before going back into his egg and into Shuu once more.

Amu was about to fix the cake when she hears Eriko call her name. She quickly hides and breaks the Character Transformation off. Shuu wonders what he was doing and Eriko sees him. She tells him that since was clumsy and had no cooking experience that she would only slow him down. She says it had been bothering her, but she had finally come to the decision that she was going to learn how to make cakes. She tells him she would start from the beginning so that they could one day have their own bakery. Shuu tells her it could be hard and take time, but she tells him that she would keep going as her dream was to share her life with him. Eriko notices the ruined cake and says he would fix it, but Eriko says that the two of them, but takes that back and says the three of them, looking in the direction Amu was hiding. She pops back up looking sheepish with a smile. Su Character Changes with Amu and the three of them begin to work on a new cake.

The next day, everyone is clapping for the newlyweds when it is time for the boquet toss. Eriko tosses the boquet and Amu catches it, much to the surprise of her Guardian Characters. And her surprise also as she freaks out as it sinks in that she caught the boquet. She daydreams of herself in a wedding dress holding a boquet and wonders who the groom may be; Tadase appears on her left and takes her hand, Ikuto appears on her right and takes the boquet, and Kukai and Kairi appear with some flowers behind them. She freaks out in her dream and then asks why she was thinking of so many people. Miki tells her she was the girl of many loves. Amu says she's the worst kind of girl and starts to run, making everyone wonder what happened.

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Amu Hinamori

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