Nagihiko Fujisaki

To the Sky! The Feeling to Take Off!


Series: Shugo Chara!! Doki
Episode Number: 5
English Title: To the Sky! The Feeling to Take Off!
Romanji Title: Ōzora e! Tobitatsu Kimochi!
Kanji Title: 大空へ! 飛び立つキモチ!
Airdate: November 01, 2008
Directed by: Kazunobu Shimizu
Written by: Toshizō Nemoto
Preceeded by: Episode 055: Put the Heart of the Song on Wings!
Followed by: Episode 057: Real Pretty Close Call!


In order of appearance:


In this episode, Nagihiko returns, much to Kukai's surprise. When Amu sees him, she is told that Nagihiko would be the new Jack's Chair, but Amu still believes Nagihiko is Nadeshiko's twin, even though they are one in the same. Rima has jealousy and suspicion of Nagihiko, especially with his and Amu's friendship. Later, Amu is seeing hanging around Mamoru Mizuno who wishes to visit the town's Planetarium. Lulu notices this, so she plans to get to Mamoru after he leaves the Planetarium, but Amu sees her. Lulu brushes her off, angering Amu immensely. Mamoru later goes to the Guardians with his egg turned into a Wishing Egg, and he Character Transforms to Space Dream. Amu character transforms to Amulet Heart. Thanks to the Humpty Lock; Tadase's, Rima's, Yaya's, and Kukai's transformations power-up. Using his powers, he lifts a lot of things off the ground, and he tries to lift a rocket-style play set, but the Guardians hold it down. Amu gets roller skates, Heart Speeder, to chase after him. Eventually, Mamoru realizes he is in the wrong, and Amu purifies the Wishing Egg.

Character Transformations

Amu Hinamori
Kukai Soma
Rima Mashiro
Tadase Hotori
Yaya Yuiki

Wishing Egg Character Transformation

Mamoru Mizuno

Used Attacks

Clown Drop
Dear Baby
Amulet Heart


  • First use of Heart Speeder.
  • Nadeshiko Fujisaki returns to Japan as "Nagihiko" and becomes the new Jack's Chair.
  • The names "Mamoru" and "Mizuno" are names used in the popular 1992 manga and anime series, Sailor Moon.
  • Amu, Tadase, Rima, Yaya and Kukai are seen Character Transforming together in this episode.
  • Kairi Sanjo and Musashi are mentioned in this episode.
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