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Kazuomi Hoshina
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Kazuomi Hoshina


星名 一臣


Easter Company


Mitsuru Ogata
Oliviero Corbetta (Italian Dub)

Kazuomi Hoshina (星名 一臣, Hoshina Kazuomi), formerly Kazuomi Ichinomiya, is the managing director of Easter company, a middle-aged man who is also the stepfather of Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Utau Hoshina, and the former superior of Nikaidou and Yukari. After his repeated failure to obtain the Embryo, he started fearing that Gozen may abandon him, so he forms a plan to brainwash Ikuto to collect X-Eggs. Later in the manga, it is revealed that infact, he is not legally Ikuto and Utau's stepfather, since their mother never actually divorced Aruto.

Kazuomi was jealous of Aruto Tsukiyomi and thought of him as not suited for working as the head of Easter. He saw his grandson, Hikaru, as suitable. Kazuomi saw competition in Ikuto, but he decided to use him as a puppet instead to lure the Embryo. After Aruto disappeared, he forced Souko Hoshina to marry him, not even concerned for his grandson.

In Chapter 33 of the manga, he realizes that the Embryo only shows up when X-Eggs are purified, so he lures the Guardians into a trap. Ikuto refers to him as "Mr. Director". As the chapters go on, he is seen as abusive to Ikuto and ruthless. He brainwashes Ikuto, forcing him to comply and putting him into a Character Transformation with a black egg called Death Rebel.

Kazoumi Hoshina


Kazuomi is a middle-aged man. He is almost never seen outside the Easter building and without his suit. He has a very stern face and brown hair and blue eyes. He is never seen smiling unless they have a new plan to get the Embryo, and always seems to have a frown on his face.


  • Hikaru Ichinomiya: Hikaru is his grandson. He chose Hikaru to lead Easter when Hikaru was only an infant. He forced him to be the head of Easter, thinking that he was making Hikaru happy that way, though never realizing his grandson would be suffering in the process.
  • Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Utau Hoshina: Ikuto and Utau are his step-children. He forced Ikuto and Utau to do dirty work for Easter, especially Ikuto, even resorting to locking him up and make him work even when he was exhausted. He refers to Ikuto as his "puppet".
  • Souko Hoshina: He forced Souko, Ikuto and Utau's mother, into remarrying him so that his grandson can be the successor of Easter Company instead of Ikuto.

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