KusuKusu (クスクス) is the Guardian Character of Rima Mashiro, created from her desire to make everyone laugh. Whenever Rima is in distress, Kusukusu would come and cheer her up by making funny faces. A clown Guardian Character with a funny personality, Kusukusu shares Rima's love for comedy. Her egg looks like cream like color and red diamonds on the outside, a pink backround with triangle shapes on the outside and on the inside an aqua color star and a purple blue tear


Kusukusu has the appearance of a clown. She wears a red, full body jumpsuit with white spots. The collar is white and fluffy with white shoes with a white ball at the end.The same pattern and color is on her hat, which is shaped like a nightcap with a green, furry ball at the tip. Kusukusu has long, straight orange-blond hair with bangs and orange eyes. There is green face-paint under each eye, the right is the shape of a star, the left in the shape of a raindrop.


Kusukusu is a bubbly chara, who loves to smile and make people laugh, as well as performing random gags at random times. She loves to make funny faces at Rima to cheer her up when she is angry or mad, and gets disappointed when she does not smile. Kusukusu often is thrilled at the sound of Rima's laughter, even going out of her way to get many different people to help make Rima laugh in Episode 62. The Shugo Chara! Encyclopedia! describes Kusukusu as a girl who "loves comedy" and has "a trademark laugh". Her laugh is similar to her name repeated.

Voice Actress

In the anime television series, Kusukusu is voiced by Sayaka Narita.

Special Powers

Kusukusu's Powers

Like other Guardian Characters, Kusukusu can sense the presence of eggs and other Guardian Characters.

Character Change

Character Change with Kusu Kusu


During their Character Change, Rima and Kusukusu do Bala-Balance. Whenever Rima Character Changes, she will have Kusukusu's make-up on her face which includes a star under one eye and a rain drop under the other. Before performing Bala balance, she usually announces "Rima! The usual....".

Character Transformation

Clown Drop

Character Transformation - Clown Drop

Clown Drop.

When Kusukusu Character Transforms with Rima, they become the rodeo clown "Clown Drop".

"Clown Drop" uses pins to perform the attack "Juggling Party" and uses ropes to perform her binding technique "Tightrope Dancer."

She can also perform a combined-purifying attack with "Yamato Maihime" called "Queen's Waltz."


  • Kusukusu's name is the Japanese onomatopoeia meaning "chuckle."
  • Kusukusu's hiccups also sound like her name.
  • Kusukusu's laugh sounds like her name.


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