Midori Hinamori

Midori Hinamori

Midori Hinamori (日奈森 緑, Hinamori Midori) is Amu's mother and wife of Tsumugu Hinamori and works as an editor for the magazine Housewives' Knowledge. Midori is the one responsible for choosing Amu's and Ami's clothing styles. Unlike Amu's father, Midori is more understanding of Amu's relationship with boys. In chapter 31 when Amu was found out with Ikuto in the house, she believes her and seeks to find a place for Ikuto.


Voice Actor

  • In the anime television series, Midori Hinamori is voiced by Kazusa Murai.


  • "Midori" means "green" in japanese.
  • Just like her husband, she has only one kanji letter for her first name.