SCE Musashi

Musashi (ムサシ) is Kairi's Guardian Character, created from his desire to become a samurai and protect the weak.

Voiced By: Andrew Love (English), Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese)


Musashi's appearance and name are that of a real samurai. He has traditional, green Samurai clothing, with what appears to be a Kendo sword strapped to the side. He has blue eyes, green hair styled as a chonmage, and wears glasses like Kairi.


Musashi encourages Kairi to do what he has to do. His looks are like a samurai and his name comes from a comic book that Kairi read when he was young. He is often the mature and calm Guardian Character which makes him seem much older than the others. He is very smart and sincere, much like his Bearer, Kairi. Musashi is level-headed, quick to respond, and very reasonable because he can see more than just one side of an argument, much like when Kairi did not want to follow his sister's orders and Musashi could understand why.

Special Powers

Like other Guardian Characters, Musashi has the ability to sense the presence of Heart's Eggs and other Guardian Characters. In the manga, he is seen using his sword to cut a pear.

Character Change

Character Change with Musashi

Character Change with Musashi

During his Character Change, Kairi gains a ponytail and wooden katana which gives him a samurai-like appearance.

Character Transformation

Samurai Soul

Character Transformation - Samurai Soul

Samurai Soul

When Kairi and Musashi perform their Character Transformation, Kairi becomes a powerful and flexible samurai called "Samurai Soul". This represents Kairi's wish to serve the good and protect the weak. He first becomes this form with Kairi in Chapter 24 of the manga and Episode 41 of the anime.

In this form, Kairi loses his glasses and has a tied a samurai ponytail and a green/blue samurai outfit and wears a long white veil. He also wields two long swords as primary weapons.


"Samurai Soul's" special move is a Secret Technique called "Inazuma Blade".


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