Nobuko Saeki

Nobuko Saeki (冴木 のぶ子, Saeki Nobuko) is a spiritual fortune teller and has a praised fortune telling column in Housewives' Knowledge, although she dislikes the occult. She is 54 and likes miso peanuts. Her spiritual sense is so strong that she is able to see the Guardian Characters. She is the one who inspires Amu to wish to be a new person, meaning that she ignited Amu's wishes. In Chapter 33, she appears to help the Guardians enter the Easter headquarters, saying that Amu is searching for someone precious to her. She is also fond of Tadase, probably because he looks so much like Tsukasa, who is one of the astrologers in her magazine.

Voice Actress

In the anime television series, Nobuko Saeki is voiced by Keiko Yamamoto.


  • In the anime, she has the tendency to quote phrases from different shows, one such example being Kamina's from Gurren Lagann, "Who the hell do you think I am?", and in episode 98 she made a pun off of Tsukasa Kadoya AKA Kamen Rider Decade's catch phrase "I'm Just a passing through Kamen Rider, Don't you forget it."
  • For most of the times she met the Guardians, she said she was passing by.