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Open Heart as Amulet Heart

Open Heart

Open Heart as Amulet Spade

Open Heart (オープンハート Opun Hāto) is a finishing move used by Amu Hinamori while in the form of either Amulet Heart or Amulet Spade to cleanse X-Eggs and X-Characters and return them to their original forms. It supposedly uses the power of the Humpty Lock, since Amu is the only one who has the ability to use it.

The phrase goes by "Negative Heart, Lock On! - Open Heart!".

Other techniques that may be used to cleanse X-Eggs/ X-Characters are:


Shugo Chara!! Doki-

Open Heart - 2

Powered-up Open Heart

Open Heart as Amulet Clover

Open Heart as Amulet Clover

In season two of the anime, Amu learns to use a stronger version of Open Heart to cleanse Mystery Eggs and remove the Character Transformations of those corrupted by minor antagonist Lulu's ruby necklaces. She can also use it to purify X-Eggs and X-Characters.

In the sixth episode of Shugo Chara!! Doki-, Amu learns to use it as Amulet Clover. In episode 100, Amu also uses this technique as Amulet Fortune. The effect and level of power was highly enhanced.


Shugo Chara! Party

In episode 24 of season three, Amu, while in the form of Amulet Dia combines the power of Open Heart with that of Rikka Hiiragi, who is in the form of Pure Feeling, to cleanse and restore X-Eggs. The enhanced effect of this ability also restores broken X-Eggs.



  • In the first Season when Amu purifies a mass of X-Characters at once they are never shown being purified, only a shot of Amu is used instead. This presumably due to the fact that Open Heart shows the X-Character's true form before it returns to its egg and most of the X-Characters there were never even shown.

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