Ikuto Tsukiyomi says to Amu that she would never see Ikuto again. He said that it was because he was going to look for Aruto Tsukiyomi. Amu breaks down and leaves crying after saying that he will leave Soko alone again. It was revealed that Aruto and Souko are still married. The next day, Amu is under the blanket in her stubborn side and El and II visits Amu after Ran asks is she in love with Ikuto. After Amu tells El and ll about Ikuto and the amusement park II tells her to just go see him herself. II makes Amu do a Character Change and she goes to Tadase's house where Ikuto asks Yui, Tadase's father, if he can hold on to the Dumpty Key for a bit longer. Tadase's grandmother tells Tadase that Ikuto had nothing to do with Betty's death. He was playing a song for her on his violin and that it was coincidence that her health dropped. After listening to the conversation Amu is late for seeing Ikuto off at the airport thinking that she has to confess. After yelling Ikuto's name Ikuto notices Amu and goes to her. Amu says that the winner of their bet is either when Amu finds her true self or when Ikuto finds Aruto the quickest. However, Ikuto says he already "giving in" because he loves her and he then kisses her very close to the lips. Then again Amu is stubborn because she tells him not to get the wrong idea because she doesn't like him. Nevertheless, Ikuto tells her that he will make her fall for him. He leaves on the plane and start his journey.


  • Note that Yoru is absent towards the end of the chapter airport scene the reason for this is later revealed towards the end of the manga.
  • This has not been animated, however, it is speculated that it could after episode 127.
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