Yua Sakurai
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Yua Sakurai




Episode 85, Episode 86

Japanese Voice

Kugimiya Rie

Yua Sakurai is an anime-only character who appears in Episode 85 and Episode 86.


Yua is a model who has had some singing experience, but due to an accident, has since been afraid to sing. As a child, Yua liked singing, but no one would listen to her. A child, Amu Hinamori, agreed to stay and listen. After episode 86, she was able to sing freely. According to Yaya, she has a trademark pose and says "Chee-su!" to go along with it. She also has pictures with the Guardians, making a remark on each.


Yua has wavy orange hair with blue eyes. She is roughly the same height as Amu even though Amu is older than her, and Yua's hair has been seen tied up in many different ways.

Guardian Character




Prior to the anime, Yua has already given birth to Cecil, a singing Guardian Character who represents her desire to sing without fear.

Special Powers

Confusion Character Change

When Yua was trying to decide whether to sing or not, Lulu De Morcerf came and turned Cecil's Egg to a Mystery Egg. Cecil became a ?-character and she performed a confusion Character Change, removing any and all music in the city.

Confusion Character Transformation

Bad Singer Dream


Yua as Bad Singer Dream.

Amu and Yaya Yuiki eventually find Yua and she performs a Confusion Character Transformation, becoming Bad Singer Dream. She used a music note to absorb any music-based attacks thrown at her, and send them back to her opponents. The only thing that worked against the attack was Angel Cradle, performed by Utau Hoshina's character transformation "Seraphic Charm", that put the Confusion note to sleep. After Amu reminds Yua that she will listen to her when she sings, a flashback occured that depicted the accident. This stopped her and brought Cecil to her senses. Amu performs Open Heart, curing them both.

Character Transformation

Wonderful Singer

In the video game Shugo Chara! Norinori! Chara-Nari Zoom, Yua Sakurai can Character Transform with Cecil, becoming Wonderful Singer. This represents her passion for singing.

  • Outfit:

As Wonderful Singer, Yua wears a white blouse with a sheet music pattern on the right side, a yellow beret with a blue treble clef on it, and holds a microphone in the shape of a treble clef. She wears yellow tights on her legs and white boots are on her feet

  • Items:

Wonderful Singer's Microphone



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