Shuraiya is an anime-original character who appears in episodes 36 and 37. He is a prince from a far away kingdom, most likely to be India.


He visits to Seiyo Academy to find the Embryo and prove to his father that he is more skilled and better than him and at the same time, to find a bride. When he saw Amu purify an X-Egg, he decided to make her his bride, but she turned him down at every turn.

Yukari and Utau gave him a pendant that they claimed was the Embryo one late night. As he wore it around his neck, he gained power from X-Eggs and ran amok in the woods of Seiyo Academy and began to lose himself. In this act, he extracted Saaya's egg and her four admiring girls. Once hatched, they turned into a choir group (Thanks to this Lulu was able to distract them to save the Guardian Charas who were trapped in a tea pot). Thanks to Amu and his loyal servant, Pearl, he managed to return to good and later returned to his country.

He and Pearl seemed to have developed crushes on each other.

He also has an absurd wish to have a dragon as his servant, and go on adventures with it.


As a person, he has an arrogant and demanding personality. When Tadase undergoes Character Change, their personalities become identical. Pearl states that the prince is simply stubborn.


Shuraiya is a lightly tan-skinned prince with pale amethyst eyes and black, short hair that reaches his upper neck, with some of it tied into a small ponytail. Shuraiya's appearance and attire appears to be based on some of the cultures in the subcontinent of India. He dons a beige, long-sleeved shirt with a slightly dark orange toga around and a yellow thin strips on his waist. He wears an emerald, droplet-shaped necklace on his neck.

Guardian Character




Shuraiya's Guardian Character is Lamila, who was born from his desire to someday become a strong king, like his father. For this reason, Lamila shows many similarities to his father, including personality and level of maturity.

Lamila is sometimes mistakenly named "Ramira".

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  • Known that he was possessed by the pendant that Utau gave to him, he shows a common dislikeness of the Tadase Fan Club, when they are flirting at him.