Shuu Hinamori

Shuu Hinamori

Shuu Hinamori is Amu's older cousin. Shu is the character of the day in episode 35. He still has a Heart's Egg within him, and because of that he can hear Guardian Characters when they talk next to him.  


Early Life

In a flashback, he was shown taking care of a younger Amu, and always baked for her. Though she acted like she didn't care, she actually liked his baking.

Dream Crash

He went to Paris to study baking, and met his wealthy fiancée Eriko. Having been insecure for a long time before their engagement, Shuu's egg turns into an X-Egg and hatches in an X-Character after Eriko told him she had something that she wants to talk to him about without telling him what it was.

Dream Come True

After his egg was purified, Eriko caught up to him and finally told him that she wants to be a patissiere too, because her dream is to be with him.


Shuu is like Amu in many ways; being clumsy, stubborn, and open-hearted. He is shown to be forgetful sometimes like forgetting to pick up Eriko. He truly loves his family and friends even if they can partially be annoying and idiotic (on some occasions).


  • At the end of episode 35, Shuu and Eriko get married.
  • In the anime, Amu admits that he was her first love.
  • He, Eriko and Amu remade their wedding cake.
  • Amu's parents make him depressed by talking about Eriko, and how she 'dumped' her fiancee.


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