The Guardians are the student council of Seiyo Academy designed to protect the students and the school, and secretly keep children's heart's eggs safe and preserve them while looking for the Embryo - the legendary heart's egg that has the power to grant wishes, as well as fighting against the Easter Company, a powerful corporation also aimed at obtaining the egg.

Each of the members has at least one Guardian Character to grant them special powers in tight situations. The Guardians usually have special or secret meetings in the Royal Garden of Seiyo Academy.

This organization was founded by Seiyo Academy's principal, who is named Tsukasa Amakawa - the first King's Chair, also known as the Founding King.


The Guardians are traditionally recruited with four kids with Guardian Characters in four positions known as the King's Chair, Queen's Chair, Jack's Chair, Ace's Chair.

Following the Founding King's instructions, when a person with three Guardian Characters appeared, a special position was granted to that person - Joker. Such person will be given the power to wield the Humpty Lock, which allowed them to purify those heart's eggs whose owners have tainted it with an X, something most Guardian Bearers cannot accomplish.

Tadase Kiseki

Tadase and Kiseki

King's Chair - the leader of the Guardians.

Rikka Hotaru

Rikka and Hotaru

Queen's Chair


Jack's Chair

Yaya Pepe

Yaya and Pepe

Ace's Chair

Amu with Shugo Chara

Amu, Ran, Su, and Dia

Joker's Chair

Guardian Apprentices

Guardian Apprentice is a term introduced later in the anime. Since most of the Guardians will be graduating at the end of the series, leaving Yaya as the only chair left, they recruit two new members for training in hopes of them someday receive their own Heart's eggs.

Hikaru with Shugo Chara

King's Chair


Queen's Chair

  • Hotaru - Rikka's Guardian Character

Former Members


King's Chair

Nadeshiko temari

Nadeshiko and Temari

Queen's Chair

  • Temari - Nagihiko's first Guardian Character

Rima and Kusukusu

Queen's Chair

Kukai Daichi

Jack's Chair

  • Daichi - Kukai's Guardian Character

Kairi Musashi

Kairi and Musashi

Jack's Chair