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Tsukasa Amakawa
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Tsukasa Amakawa




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Tsukasa Amakawa (天河 司, Amakawa Tsukasa) is Mizue Hotori's brother and Tadase Hotori's uncle. He also known as Louis Antoinne Tsukasa in the manga, is the founder of the Guardians of Seiyo Academy, so he was the first King's Chair. Most people refer to him as "Chairman". After he graduated, he left behind certain artifacts for the next generation of Guardians; the Humpty Lock and an artbook called The Heart's Egg. He is now the principal of Seiyo Academy and works part-time in a planetarium.

Special Powers

Tsukasa has never demonstrated any special abilities, nor has he shown to have a Guardian Character. It is hinted that Tsukasa's Guardian Character had disappeared before the present events of the series .

However, he seems to know things that other people usually don't, which lands him to the possibility of being clairvoyant.

In the manga, Tsukasa is cited by Nobuko as being one of the best fortune tellers in the world, and that his predictions are never wrong. So far everything he has told Amu has come true or been needed.


  • The First King
  • Chairman
  • Caretaker


  • Tsukasa's last name "Amakawa" refers to the galaxy "Milky Way" in Japanese or "Heavenly river".
  • In the anime, he is shown to be a cat lover and has a liking for Ikuto's cat ears.
  • Tsukasa is an astrologer in Nobuko Saeki's magazine, which may be why he works at the planetarium.
  • Tsukasa has been mistaken for actually being Tadase from the future. This was due to some confusion in the last arc of the manga.
  • Tsukasa's hair style is similar to Tadase Hotori's hair.


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