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Satomi Satou

Wakana, just like Manami, is one of Amu Hinamori's closer friends that's not part of the Guardians. Though she has expressed an interest in becoming a teacher, she also seems to think of being a fashion designer or singer.

Confusion Character Change

Wakana has also been targeted once by Lulu De Morcerf after she felt unsure of becoming a teacher. In the nearby park she gave various assignments to people (and even animals) she met, such as reading a particular sentence or doing push-ups. If the person in question succeeded in said task she rewarded them with a mark on the forehead.

Confusion Character Transformation

Teacher Dream


Teacher Dream

Wakana is eventually found by Rima Mashiro and Amu and provoked into transforming into "Teacher Dream". Her powers remain largely the same, but with some extra power, casting a sparkling dust on people to make them obey her assignments. Amu succeeds in regaining control of her body, but her attacks are blocked and force Wakana to go on the offensive, using the pencils that are attached at the back of her body. Rima succeeds in blocking the pencils and manage to convince her that her way of teaching is wrong. As with all previous incidents, Wakana has no memory of her activities as "Teacher Dream".


  • While in her transformation, Wakana comes across Lulu and berates her after Lulu can't give her an immediate answer. The question makes Lulu think about what her dream really is.
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