Yukari Sanjou

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Yukari Sanjou
三条 ゆかり
Easter Company, Utau's manager
Japanese Voice
Natsuki Rio
Kairi Sanjou
August 7, 1993

Yukari Sanjou (三条 ゆかり, Sanjō Yukari) is a former employee of Easter and Utau's manager. Her brother is Kairi Sanjou, who she begged to be a spy for Easter after seeing him with a Guardian Character. After she quit Easter, she and Utau opened a company of their own and Utau continues to pursue her career. Ever since then, Yukari has become friends with the Guardians, though they don't get along very well.


Yukari has red/brown hair and wears glasses. While she was still working for Easter, she was almost never seen without her yellow uniform, consisting of a white dress shirt underneath a pale yellow jacket and matching pencil skirt with black heels. After leaving Easter, she mostly wears a white shirt and brown pants.


  • Kairi Sanjou: Yukari's little brother, Yukari cares for him, but doesn't show it. This is shown in episode 33 when a drunk Yukari falls asleep, mumbling for Kairi to "do his best".


Love Life

  • Yuu Nikaidou: Yukari once had a romantic relationship with Yuu Nikaidou, but they broke up prior to the beginning of the series. In Chapter 48, Yuu proposes to Yukari, telling her he needs her, and that he loves her. She accepts his proposal. They wed in Chapter 52.
  • Tsukumo : According to Episode 98, he may have a crush on her.



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